Now that we are all in the Endgame and have experienced the epic movie, lets discuss the emotional ending to the MCU masterpiece. If you have not yet experienced the movie I would turn back now as major spoilers ahead.

After the Avengers travel thru time collecting the infinity stones, and a Tony Stark Gauntlet worn by the Hulk, he snaps all our fallen heroes back into existence again. This triggers Thanos to arrive for a final battle without gauntlet but just as strong. Thor, Ironman, and Captain America fight Thanos while Dr.Strange brings back all our fallen heroes including Black Panther, Spiderman, etc. Thanos regains the gauntlet to undue what was just done, and also preventing the Avengers from sending all the infinity stones back thru time. Ironman being the brilliant mind he is regains the gauntlet due to being based off of his suit, and snaps Thanos and his Black Order from existence. This takes a toll on Stark – as when the Hulk snapped everyone back, it damaged his arm. Tony Stark is shown dying from using the gauntlet as he is human. Iroman dies with Spiderman and Pepper Potts by his side.

Notable also no coming back deaths were Black Widow, Vision, and Loki all unknown as well as Gamora. Possible Gamora return in GOTG vol 3, however the 2014 Gamora that was pulled from time travel has no recollection of her team. There is a Funeral for Ironman and Captain America decides to return all the infinity stones to there rightful time and Thor’s hammer. This was emotional as we seen Captain America finally going on the date he mentions in the first Avengers movie. Sam Wilson sees an older Steve Rogers which signifies that Cap probably lived a fruitful life before finally seeing Sam again. Valkryie takes over New Asgard and Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy.

We know that the future of particular actors in the MCU franchise are more than likely not returning like Ironman ( Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans). However due to Disney’s + network we know for sure Loki, Scarlett Witch/Vision, and Falcon/Bucky will be back for their shows. Spiderman moves on to Homecoming film. We knew that this saga that spanded 20+ Marvel films would come to an end but all of us are wondering what is next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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