DC has always played with the idea of the multiverse. Parallel worlds with alternate versions of our heroes and villains. Origins changed, and personalities different. From Crisis on Multiple Earths to the Dark Multiverse we have seen our share. This leads me to the comic book of the week that grabbed my attention and kept it. Dark Multiverse Knightfall is a story about the earth in the Dark Multiverse that had Jean Paul Valley nearly kill Batman and run Gotham afterwards. The story is being narrated by one being who can transcend worlds who is looking for remaining heroes left in this dark universe and peeks in on this earth. Jean Paul Valley has gone even further into the depths of dictator in this Gotham city as he is addicted to Bane’s Venom and even keeps a mangled Bruce Wayne just for kicks.

This twisted Azrael falls hard as a group of rebellious heroes and villains want to take Gotham back from his clawed grip. Bruce gets freed by Bane’s son and they provide Bruce with a Nano Tech body made of virtual bats which at the end of this comic defeat Valley, but then Bruce goes insane himself in a dark twist and strings up valley for all of Gotham to see. Overall this book by Snyder and Higgins gave us a taste of the dark multiverse beyond the Batman who Laughs and it was absolutely perfect. The artwork made this book pop and feel the story kudos to Fernandez and Guimaraes.

Overall I gave this book a 10/10 or 5 star review for the fact this legendary DC tale told absolutely dark, different and twisted made this amazing story work and leave readers craving more alternate histories. This is out in comic stores today and reminder there is still three more Dark Multiverse tales coming: Death of Superman, Infinite Crisis, and Blackest Night.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins

Artwork: Javier Fernandez

Colors: Guimaraes

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