After coming off of the DCU Titans season one buzz, I happened to get a chance to watch the second live action series coming from it, Doom Patrol. My expectations were good but I had know idea that this team of weird superheroes would be so dam interesting and complete. Right off the bat we have Alab Tudyk narrating the story of each founding members origin story starting with Cliff aka Robotman. Following a car crash that shatters his body, race-car driver Cliff Steele wakes up in the palatial manor of Dr. Niles Caulder (a.k.a. The Chief, played by Timothy Dalton), who has transplanted Cliff’s brain into a stilted metallic body, leaving the world to think driver has died. Cliff’s fellow outcasts at the residence include Larry Trainor (Matthew Zuk’s body, but Matt Bomer in flashbacks and voice), a former test pilot who has a separate being of pure energy living in his body; Rita Farr, a Hollywood starlet from the ’50s who hid from the world after an unknown substance transformed her flesh into a sagging, mutated mass that can expand or contract; and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero), a woman with 64 personalities, each with their own power.

The Doom Patrol get bored at home and decide to take a trip into town against the orders of The Chief which brings about old enemies of Chief, including the narrator himself Alan Tudyk known as Mr.Nobody. He opens up what looks like a wormhole about to destroy the entire city. Overall this show gave just enough backstory that made you feel each characters struggles and pain. Unlike the Marvel Netflix shows which all come out at once as an entire season, DC Universe subscription gives you one episode each friday which leaves you thirsting for more. So while DCU Titans is filming season 2, this Doom Patrol series is what us comicbook fans needed and absolutely satisfied with what we have received. A very dam good comicbook show.

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