Hip Hop Culture and Comicbooks have gone hand in hand. From Hip Hop variant cover edition comics to known Hip Hop artists dawning the persona of their favorite characters, it has intertwined over the past decade or more. Enter Spider J – local NYC rapper from Queens who I had stumbled upon on Youtube. The Queens rapper was artistically painted to resemble the popular DC Comics character Cyborg from Teen Titans and now Doom Patrol. After searching the web for his contact info I was able to ask him what motivated him to be a comic character during his performance and overall love of comics.

“I loved comics since I was a child. The majestic nature of the characters and alter egos is what lured me in.”

Broken Capes: How did you first get into Comics?

Spider J: I loved reading comicbooks. Batman, Justice League etc. I loved comics since I was a child. The majestic nature of the characters and alter egos is what lured me in.

Broken Capes: How did it inspire you to crossover Comics into Music?

Since one of my favorite characters is Cyborg, I always wanted to be him. Whether in a movie or tv show, the closest thing I could think of getting to him was using body paint during one of my performances. Those may also not know that my name Spider J is from the character from Vertigo’s Transmetropolitan Spider Jerusalem.

Broken Capes: Have you seen the new Doom Patrol series on DC Universe network with Cyborg?

Spider J: Bro I love that show! It is so dam good and love Joivan Wade’s portrayal of the character. Show has been amazing so far. I had wore paint before during a battle as Cyborg, but now will adopt the Doom Patrol’s version for my future performances.

“I felt like Cyborg during the hip hop battle.

Broken Capes: How long have you been involved with music?

Spider J: A little over 14 years between performing and producing hip hop music.

Broken Capes: Who is another character you would like to portray while performing?

Spider J: That is a surprise which my fans must tune into my battles and videos, but I do love the way Redhood from DC is looking now.

Art by Just Def

Overall I love to see such passion for different cultures. Hip Hop and Comics have always been a personal love of mine and to see the two cultures mixing is amazing. Superheros have always been a major influence in our lives and the effects of watching and reading them. Hip Hop music has always been in my life for many years, and always promoted positivity and success within that industry.

For more of Spider J follow his battles on iBattleTv. Definitely watch Doom Patrol on DC Universe Network which is streaming now.

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