Billy Batson is a streetwise 14-year-old who can magically transform into the adult superhero Shazam simply by shouting out one word. His newfound powers soon get put to the test when he squares off against the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. I wanted to give the synopsis for those who may know the character but basically do not know the premise of the story plot. SHAZAM movie was a fantastic and a wonderful introduction into the original Captain Marvel’s world. Asher Angel plays Billy in this movie which I want to say did a phenomenal job in his role. Zachary Levi playing Billy’s transformed superhero side who was funny and perfectly resembled what a child would act like trapped in a Superhero’s body. Mark Strong playing Dr.Sivana and his quest to obtain the Wizard Shazam’s powers was brilliantly performed. 

The plot of the movie was very well told. From the beginning with Dr.Sivana as a child finding his way into the lair of the Wizard Shazam. The Wizard tells Sivana that he has been looking for a champion. Sivana is deemed unworthy and persuaded by the Seven Deadly Sins to take a powerful artifact which resembles an eye to control the seven sins. This scene was great as we got to see the child Sivana go thru disappointment from not being deemed worthy by the Wizard or his father. Just like in all of the trailers we see Billy move into his new foster home and dealing with school bullies. Sivana finds his way back to the Wizard’s lair after years of researching video footage of others who were once chosen by the Wizard. Upon arrival of Sivana, Wizard immediately knows who he is and tries to stop Sivana from freeing the Seven Deadly Sins but fails as his powers have weakened. Sivana steals the eye artifact and the sins and leaves. The special effects on the Seven Deadly Sins were the only minor thing that bothered me in this movie as a-lot of scenes you couldn’t tell which sin was which. Billy eventually makes his way to the Wizard, explains he needs to pass his powers to Billy since his first (cough Black Adam cough) champion went astray releasing the Seven Deadly Sins of man upon the world. Billy speaks the word and Shazam is born. Throughout the middle of the movie we see Billy trying to adjust to his role as superhero which was great. 

Toward the end of the movie we get a special treat of the Shazam family, which the foster kids who live with Billy eventually get their own powers and help Shazam fight Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins. We get a very surprise ending when Shazam shows up to Billy and Freddy’s school with a surprise guest which is none other than the Man of Steel Superman. Two end credit scenes which one was very important to catch. While Sivana was in the Wizard’s lair there was a worm in a glass case. That worm escaped. That worm is Mr. Mind – a powerful DC villain from DC Comics who tells Sivana while locked in prison frantically trying to open another door into the Wizard’s realm that “there is more than one way to open a gate”. The second was Shazam and Freddy back filming yet again. Shazam tries to talk to fish which is a joke on Aquaman. Overall this movie was a definite change of pace and feel from the previous attempt of DCEU movies such as Batman vs Superman and Justice League. Shazam was a bright, hilarious and inspiring Superhero movie that some movie goers will walk out saying “That was a DC movie?”. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam have now been three successful DC movies and if this movie is telling us of what to come from DC, then the future looks very bright.

Shazam in theaters April 5th

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